Welcome to this site, which is named Infrared Sauna Info because my intent was to bring all information available about infrared saunas to one place and present it in a short, simple and unbiased way.

As I suppose you came here in a search for information about infrared sauna and want to begin exploring, so I prepared a list of articles which I believe are most important and helpful. They are good to begin reading. I’ve split the list into categories, depending on with what purpose you came here.

If you’re going to buy an infrared sauna and need advice, reviews and comparisons you will find it here:

How to buy infrared sauna
What to look at when choosing online shop
2-person infrared sauna models comparison chart
Reviews of infrared sauna models
Try before you buy
Places where you can try infrared sauna
Infrared sauna manufacturers
Classic far infrared sauna (cabin)
Infrared sauna blanket or bag
Portable infrared sauna tent
Infrared sauna dome
Infrared sauna instruction manuals

Maybe you are waiting for your sauna arrival and need to know how to install it, or thinking where to place it:

How to install infrared sauna
Installing dedicated outlet for your infrared sauna
Finding place for infrared sauna

If you’re ill or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and want to now if an infrared sauna therapy can help you I wrote some introductory articles, but note that I don’t offer medical advice and all I write is an expression of my own understanding and opinion. Always consult your doctor before undertaking any therapy.

Infrared sauna and health series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
Main benefit of infrared sauna
Is infrared sauna safe for you?
Dark side of infrared sauna market

If you’re just heard about infrared saunas somewhere and want to learn basics or you are deciding if an infrared sauna is good enough for you:

An infrared sauna is a sauna, right? Well, not quite
Try before you buy
Places where you can try infrared sauna
Elecric bill: infrared heaters vs. stove
Why infrared sauna consumes less electricity

If you’re a manufacturer or reseller check if you are listed in my manufacturers list. If you want me to review your models, send me a note via contact form.

Infrared sauna manufacturers
Reviews of infrared sauna models

If you’re doctor or health expert, feel free to criticize and comment my posts. I’m always open to discussion and eager to learn more about an infrared sauna and all things related to the usage of infrared for a better health. Consider writing a guest post for my blog – I will be glad to publish your opinion, even if it differs from mine. I’m also interested in links and references to studies related to infrared radiation and sauna (both traditional and infrared), so I will be grateful if you send me some. You can contact me via contact form. Thank you in advance!

Infrared sauna and health series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

If you’re a happy user of an infrared sauna I have some usage tips for you:

How to use infrared sauna
More recommendations on taking infrared sauna

If you wand to build your own infrared sauna I have some ideas to share:

Do it yourself infrared sauna

And if you want to know more about me and why I’m running site like this please read these articles:

10 new things about Infrared Sauna Info you didn’t know

All I write comes to this website via blog. I write about infrared sauna news, as well as about more general health issues. You can subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed.

I hope my site will be helpful. Happy reading!