Welcome to my blog!

My name is Paul Mernon (a pseudonym), and I’m running this website and blog you are reading right now. I’m a 25 year old Russian living in Moscow working as a full-time programmer. This is my first website and my first blog. In the next few paragraphs I’ll try to explain how I came to starting this website, why I choose such a specific topic for it, and what goals I want to reach with running it.

For a few years I’ve been a passive participant of the web. I was browsing internet, reading many blogs and forums, but I almost never showed up myself. I think this is mainly because I’m more introvert person than extrovert, and communicating with other people never was a very easy task for me. However, I’m strong believer in personal growth and self-development, and I feel that my lack of communication skills is a serious obstacle for me in reaching my goals. Besides this, I realized that I not only want to consume value provided by other people (be it a help from people I meet in my everyday life or a high-quality content from an internet site or a blog/forum) but I want to provide my own contribution that other people will find helpful.

Since I’ve never tried to do anything like this before, I decided to “start small”, by picking a small topic, building a website on it, setting up a blog, etc. After a short research of possible topics I’ve picked an “infrared sauna” topic. Why an infrared sauna? I found almost no sites with quality, objective content. Most of sites I’ve seen was either selling or promoting infrared saunas, listing benefits and testimonials only. I didn’t found reviews and comparisons of different models of an infrared sauna (to the time; I’m still looking for them). I decided it is a good topic to start, because I think that I can provide more useful and understandable information. It will not only benefit the people who search for information on infrared saunas, but also will raise the quality of other sites, because they will have to catch up.

I define the following goals for myself with InfraredSaunaInfo.com:

1. To research the infrared sauna topic, distill information found to extract most essential and valuable part of it, and to post it on this website in a clear, structured way and on regular basis. This will sharpen my skills on information research and presentation and will provide me with experience in writing good quality content. In my research I will refine my knowledge of physics, medicine and health. I will search for online shops selling infrared saunas, reviewer sites, medicine sites, consumer experience on the web. I will make decisions of how and what to post, how to structure and illustrate a new content. I feel that it will be a very valuable experience to me.

2. To significantly improve my web mastering and design skills. Right now I know the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP and other things that a webmaster should know. I picked up most of this knowledge in the last two weeks, when I was setting up this website. Programming background is definitely a plus, but design aspects, like color choice, page layout, are still waiting for me.

3. To bring my English writing skills to a level where it will be effortless for me to write in English language with quality approaching the writers with English as a first language. English language is my second language, but I practice it every day by reading articles, books and websites in English. However writing in English is a whole different thing. For me it demands a significant effort and concentration right now, and I’m unsure of quality of my writings. I need to seriously refine my English grammar and vocabulary with lots of practice to be able to maintain a website that English readers will find easy to read.

4. To test if a web site like this can be successfully monetized. In the future, when this site will have more valuable information, I consider a possibility to place some ads or affiliate links, to have some return from time and effort invested into it. However, I will not place irrelevant ads, or links to what I don’t personally think is a good quality product. My main goal for this site is quality, and it will stay the same in the future.

I run this site as an experiment, which will bring me above all others the very valuable experience and knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it will fail or succeed; if it will fail, I will learn from my mistakes and will know much more to take a second try, if it will succeed, I’ll get the basis for future projects; either is good for me. So, if you are interested in infrared sauna topic, or if you want to track this project, you are welcome! Keep reading!

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sauna Says:

    Ana from Alabama here. I would like to get the feed for your blog via email. Is this possible?

  2. Paul Mernon Says:

    I’ve added this possibility yesterday, you can do it now by entering your email to the form with “Subscribe me!” button on the side of this page.

  3. Hsien Lei Says:

    Paul, I find it hard to believe that English is not your first language. Your blog is easy to read and very sensible. A great achievement.

    PS I think Sauna up there is probably spam comment…. 😛

  4. Paul Mernon Says:

    Hsien: Thank you for support! It is very important to me.

    About Sauna comment – I think it is indeed a spam, but it reminded me to add an email subscription to my blog, so I decided to let it stay.