Classic far infrared sauna

The most common type of infrared saunas is a room which resembles a traditional steam sauna. It is made from wood and you can place it as an additional piece of furniture in your house. It’s interior usually consists of a wooden bench across the full width of a room. Infrared heaters are built in the walls in front of and behind the bench, on a different height, so that infrared radiation will reach every part of the person’s body sitting in the sauna. One can enter the sauna by the front door. There are usually one or two glass windows and the door can be made of glass too. An infrared sauna typically ships in a self-assembly kit with heaters already built in the panels, and is relatively easy to assemble.

The majority of this type of infrared saunas include a control panel both on the exterior and on the interior. Some models can have a radio/mp3/cd player or even a DVD player optionally installed.

An important thing to consider when choosing an infrared sauna model is the type of plug in it runs on. Some saunas require you to use a 20 Amp power outlet, so you may have some troubles installing it if you have only standard 15 Amp outlets in your house. Another surprise is that some saunas use two 15 Amp outlets instead of one (and they cannot be outlet splitter outlets, for safety reasons) so you might need to use an extension cord attached to another outlet somewhere in your house. However, there are some sauna models which run on a single 15 Amp outlet.

Update: Anyway, it is always recommeneded to ask your electrician to install a dedicated outlet for your infrared sauna for the safety reasons.

Dimensions of a sauna is another thing you need to put your attention on, since some infrared saunas may have too small dimensions that makes taking a sauna in them not so pleasant activity. Make sure that bench has comfortable depth and there is enough room left for legs. Some saunas may not be high enough for you and you will not be able to fully stand up inside them. Most common modifications of infrared saunas are for two, three, or four persons. Dimensions of a two person sauna vary around 49″w x 45″d x 74″h.

When searching for an infrared sauna, look for comfort in the first place. There is no reason to buy a room to sit in if you don’t enjoy sitting in it, regardless of any health benefits in could provide. After that think about how it will fit your house interior, and don’t forget to determine what power outlets you will use to power your sauna.

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