Try before you buy

If you never experienced a session in an infrared sauna cabin, the best investment of your time and money is to try before you buy it. If you will search the internet, you will find that most infrared sauna websites only list benefits without references to any researches that support their claims, and a few reviews that you will find won’t be yours experience after all. And, besides this, most probably you’ll find a statement that every person has individual response to far infrared radiation.

But why not to find out your own response to an infrared sauna? Grab your yellow pages, or go to Google Local and find saunas, spas and fitness centers located near you. Call to them or search on their websites if they have an infrared sauna, choose one that you like, then stand up and go!

Your experience with an infrared sauna will be either positive or negative. If negative, it will save you a lot of money you could spend on an infrared sauna. If it will be positive then you can repeat it several times, and, when you’ll be sure, you’ll buy your own infrared sauna. Another possibility is that you’ll decide that an infrared sauna is pleasant, but doesn’t cost its money. Then you can enjoy it by visiting your local spa from time to time.

Regardless of the outcome, the best thing you can do before buying an infrared sauna is to try it first at your local spa or fitness center.

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