Infrared sauna review: Health Mate HM-NSE 2

Today I want to review another 2-person sauna model, Health Mate HM-NSE 2. Healthmate sauna was one of the first (if not very first) manufacturers producing infrared saunas. It was founded in 1979 and operates on the market for over 20 years. Here is some stats of their 2-person infrared sauna model.

Wood: Red Canadian cedar.

External dimensions: Width: 49 in, Depth: 41 in, Height: 73 1/4 in.

Weight: 247 lbs.

Heaters: Metal incoloy heaters Ceramic heaters coated with incoloy (5), front (2), back (2), under the bench (1).

Outlets: 120 V, 15 Amps, 1660 Watts.

Accessories: AM/FM CD player.

Warranty: Heaters, workmanship, electrical – lifetime, audio – 1 year.

Price: Varies around $4000.

Click on the link to see the image of HM-NSE 2 sauna.

This model has good old proven with time infrared sauna cabin design, with built-in AM/FM CD player. Well-known incoloy metal infrared heaters are used. Healthmate sauna says that their patented heaters are safe to touch while operating. The cabin has built-in ventilation window to allow fresh air flow.

The big question of this sauna is its bench and backrests. From the images on the site and in the manual the bench is rather wide and solid, with no backrest installed. In the manual, however, I found a mention of backrest that is “included with some models/can be purchased separately”. There is no info on whether this backrest is included with HM-NSE 2 model or not. And besides this, the backrest seems to be solid, with no holes for infrared rays to pass through, so it will completely block infrared if it will cover a heater. This makes this backrest suitable only for one-person use of HM-NSE 2 sauna, when is can be places on a side wall, and you sit with the legs on the bench.

My recommendation is to think about your comfort and check if the dimensions of the sauna and design of the bench suits you. Remember, that typical infrared sauna session lasts about 30 minutes and you want to spend them in comfort.

In all other ways it is a good sauna, with design proven with time and can be a good choice. To get a better idea about it you can read its owner’s manual.

Update: Unfortunately, Health Mate have removed online manual after website redesign.

Update 2: New link to owner’s manual added.

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5 Responses to “Infrared sauna review: Health Mate HM-NSE 2”

  1. Michelle Moran Says:

    The manual for healthmate actually is on their website. Go to , click on customer support, and you’ll see a link to an adobe PDF file of the manual.

  2. Paul Mernon Says:

    Thank you Michelle, link is back!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I recently bought a used Healthmate sauna NSE-3. The prior owners had purchased it new a year earlier for just over $5000 with the optional ‘starlight’ ceiling, in addition to the standard CD stereo, reading light, backrest, 20 amp outlet and towel set . I purchased it used for less than 1/2 of the original price. This is a very well built unit. It went together flawlessly, heats up easily, is clearly build to last with excellent attention to detail. The ‘starlight’ ceiling option is relaxing — little pinpoints of light that range through colors red, green, blue, white in a pattern, or you can leave them at one color. There is also a reading light inside if you prefer to read. The heaters work well. The 3 person unit needs a 20 amp outlet (wired for 20 amp service). Mine is set up in the garage and I live in Wisconsin where it is cold in winter. Hence, it can take an hour to heat up to 150 degrees. The unit can be set for temperatures up to 170 degrees. The inside bench is just under 5 foot long which allows one person to stretch out on it with your knees up, or to lean against the side wall with your legs out in front of you, which I enjoy more than the 2 person models. The back rest goes against the side wall, where it does not interfere with a heater, rather than the back wall which contains two heaters. The whole unit contains a total of 5 heaters. The stereo radio works very well as does the CD player. The control panel is well designed, with the exception of the reserve feature which only allows a preset heating time of 30 minutes (that would be fine if you had the unit in the house, but it is not long enough for an outdoor warmup in the winter months in a cold climate. You can set the preheat time for normal use for up to one hour, but the reserve feature only allows a preset 1/2 hour warmup time. I have a bad hip, and this unit has been excellent for easing stiffness and pain. I use it almost every night. I would recommend this unit, although the price for the used unit was certainly more affordable than a new unit would be.

  4. Paul Mernon Says:

    Michelle, thank you for this nice review!

  5. Jackie Burfield Says:

    Hi Paul. I used to own a 2 person healthmate sauna but sold it to buy a hot tub – which I regret to this day! Anyways – I am now in the market to buy a 3 person healthmate sauna. I would love to be able to get a deal like Michelle got according to her posting. I live in Ontario, Canada and if anyone knows of a 3 person healthmate sauna for sale that is in like new condition for a good price – please contact me. I would be willing to pay for shipping if the price was right.
    Thanks Paul.