The Finnish Sauna site

I like to share with you one of the good-quality sites on saunas I’ve found on the web. Here it is – The Finnish Sauna site. It is run by Mihael Cankar from Finland and he provides his valuable knowledge there.

While the main theme of Michael’s site is a traditional Finnish sauna, he has a couple of pages about infrared saunas, on which he summarizes his point of view. Here is the excerpt of what he thinks about an infrared sauna:

In an IR sauna an infrared radiator is used to send heat directly to the skin of the bather in the form of radiated heat (infrared electromagnetic radiation, essentially the same kind of radiated heat we get from the sun or a hot lightbulb). This radiation is invisible to the naked eye. It is also entirely harmless – as a matter of fact, just about everything radiates infrared waves, in more or less intense ways.

In addition there is a page about health issues of a sauna, with a detailed review of various health effects a sauna can cause, with some references to studies and with Michael’s and his readers’ opinions. I personally like his skeptical and easy to read style, which is far more convincing than some close to absurd claims that a lot of infrared sauna sites make.

And, finally, Michael did a good job in compiling a quite big list of sauna manufacturers which includes some infrared sauna manufacturers too.

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