Installing dedicated outlet for your infrared sauna

A dedicated outlet is strongly recommended for an infrared sauna in most manuals. An infrared sauna is a device that consumes a lot of electrical power (although less than a steam sauna), and improper power supply increases risks of damage to your home and health (i.e. by inflammation). Quality electrical wiring and outlets help to reduce these risks to a minimum.

The best solution is to ask a professional electrician to install a dedicated outlet for you. However if you have skill and knowledge you can do it yourself. Here is a list of things you should think of:

  • Check the outlet type your sauna requires. Most probably it will be 120V 15Amp, but it can be 120V 20Amp, 240V 15Amp or 240V 20Amp, also some infrared sauna models can require two outlets instead of one. Non-US readers should look on the outlet types that are common in their country.
  • Choose a right cable to power an outlet. You should check that wire section and insulation are enough for required voltage. If the cable will be too thin it can heat and inflame.
  • Consider the possibility of putting a wire in a wire way. Especially if you have home animals who can bite the exposed wire.
  • Consider the possibility of using GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet. It will protect you from short circuit and ground fault while operating your sauna. It is often required by law in possibly wet places such as a bathroom or outdoors.
  • You may want to install an additional switch to turn your sauna off. Check if your sauna has an on/off switch. If it hasn’t, then you can find it convenient to install one, so you will be able to turn the sauna off completely.
  • Check before and after. Before installing an outlet check that all components you have (outlets, switches, wires) don’t have any type of defects. Re-check when you finish, there can be damage you’ve done while working.
  • Remember about safety! Always turn off the power before doing anything with electrical wirings.

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