Infrared sauna blanket or bag

A classic infrared sauna stands on the one end of infrared sauna industry by imitating a traditional steam sauna by its design (in wood, often with bench, as a separate cabin). On the other end there are completely different infrared devices, called infrared sauna bag or infrared sauna blanket.

It is evident from their names that these devices come in a form of a bag, or a blanket, in which you can lie on the bed or on the floor and don’t resemble a sauna visually in any way. However they are claimed to give you the same experience as with a conventional sauna. Infrared blankets have a power cord that should be attached to a power outlet and a control panel to regulate heat intensity and set a timer. Some models have separate control over the several parts of the body (i.e. legs, waist area and shoulders area). The head is outside in all models that I’ve seen.

Infrared blankets have two apparent advantages over classic infrared saunas – they are a lot cheaper, and take almost no space when folded. However I think that the effect of an infrared sauna blanket is not the same as from classic infrared sauna. It is a big question that heaters in blankets produce enough infrared rays, more probably the heating occurs mostly because of direct heat transfer from a blanket to a human body.

One shouldn’t rely on claimed far-infrared therapeutic properties of infrared sauna blankets. They heat you, and make you sweat. It’s like a dry hot bath. And many people enjoy taking a 20-30 minute session under infrared blanket, and report that they feel better after that. So the end decision is best to come from your own first-hand experience. Try using one of these sauna bags and listen to your body – if it feels better, brings enjoyment and relaxation, then consider buying one.

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4 Responses to “Infrared sauna blanket or bag”

  1. Marie Says:

    I have just purchased a thermal 4 fir body shaping system PH-2B (lll) thermal energy blanket. I have read that you need to clean the fir thermal energy blanket and trousers thoroughly, but the instruction manual doesn’t tell you how, or what type of cleanser to use? I also didn’t get trousers with this unit, therefore, I am at a loss as to how to proceed?

  2. Paul Mernon Says:


    This page states:

    Wipe the sweat from the surface of the thermal blanket with a wet towel and dry the thermal blanket by laying it flat on a bed or table for more than 1 hour.

    Fold the blanket and store it in a dry and cool place.

    Didn’t find anything about trousers though. Hope this helps!

  3. Connie Says:

    Just wondering if you can give me information about the Fir Home Sauna blanket TH-110BH model. I have purchased this one and the 1st one came Malfuntioned. Sent it back and received another one which worked for about 51/2 mths and now it has the same thing wrong with it. The tempature control box has started burning inside again which the 1st thing that happened was it would not cycle on and off. Then I started smelling plastic burning. I have a call to the company, but they are not returning my calls or email. Has any one else had this problem that you know of? When it worked it really was good and I realize how much better I felt with using it. The only manual I have doesn’t give much infor. and the company I bought it from didn’t have their name on or in the box it came in.

  4. Paul Mernon Says:

    Sorry, I haven’t heard about anyone else having problems with TH-110BH, but it doesn’t mean much, since I don’t have enough feedback from people using infrared blankets/bags. Maybe someone else know about this blanket model?