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Sorry for a little wordplay in the title. If you wonder about the scientific proof for infrared sauna health benefits (especially detoxification), then try to read this question on Google Answers I found today. It has a good description of the quality and quantity of scientific proofs about infrared therapy health benefits on the internet:

I’ve done a check of the medical literature available online and have found nothing that corroborates the claims that the promotional websites have put forth. What I did find is that there has been a little bit of research in the area of far infrared rays (FIR) and wound healing, and some in the area of tumor growth control, and these isolated studies by only a handful of researchers. Overall there is very little research that addresses the medical uses of FIR.

Note that question has $50 price, and expired unanswered. Sure it doesn’t prove that there is no scientific evidence for benefits of an infrared sauna, since those guys on Google Answers probably aren’t medical scientists or doctors. There still can be more studies in the old scientific magazines or reports that don’t appear on internet search results. But one thing is clear – the scientific studies (if they exist) that support health benefits of infrared sauna therapy are hard to find. And the fact that websites that promote infrared saunas have very little reference to that studies means that studies are hard to find for them too.

There are several more questions about infrared saunas on Google Answers. You can find them all by doing a search on “infrared sauna” on Google Answers website.

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