What to look at when choosing online shop

An infrared sauna is an expensive purchase. If you’re buying one online then it definitely deserves some time to spend choosing the right store to place your order. Even if you’re buying a not so expensive portable infrared sauna model I recommend you to devote some time to finding several shops which offer the model you want and compare them to find the best one (for you). It can look as additional work when you can just grab a first suitable online shop but from the other side it can save you money and prevent frustration. When choosing a right online shop you’re actually minimizing your risks as a customer.

Some online shopping search engines have shop comparison capabilities, and if you can find your sauna model on one of these engines you can try to use it as comparison tool. But most of these online shopping search engines cover only a small portion of infrared sauna market and there are chances that you won’t find your model on them. In such a case I recommend you to take a good old sheet of paper (or open your favorite table editor, like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc) and to draw a comparison chart to have all candidate shops and their details in front of you.

What factors do you need to consider when looking at an online shop?

1. Price. Remember, that for purchases like these price expensive purchase slightly loses it’s weight, as you may want to pay a little higher price for being sure that there will be no troubles with quality of service. Although I list price as a first factor I recommend looking at it later, when you will have two or three online shops selected because of other factors.

2. Shipping cost. The real price is a product price plus shipping cost. Some shops may offer different shipping options for different price, shipping cost may vary for different locations or a shop may offer free delivery.

3. Delivery. Read delivery information on a site, look for estimated delivery time. Find and read delivery terms.

4. Return and refund policies, restocking fees and other legal terms. Things can go wrong somewhere on the route from a shop to your home or your sauna can have defects. You should look at those things carefully, especially if you not sure that you’ll like a sauna when it will be delivered.

5. Money-back guarantee. Some shops have unconditional money-back guarantees thus minimizing the risk of buying a sauna model you don’t like.

6. Payment options. Preferred safe option when paying over the internet is a plastic credit card as all charges can be disputed. PayPal is another option. Some shops can have other ways which may be suitable to you. Do not forget to ensure that a shop uses a secure connection when asking for your credit card number and other private data.

7. Rate a shop. Browse a shop’s website and look for terms of use, privacy policy, phone numbers etc. Collect information about this shop. Do a web search for reviews of the shop by other customers. In the end, ask your intuition and rate the shop on a scale from 1 to 10 (or use some other scale). It will be your own rating of the shop.

8. Warranty. Check for the warranty. Usually it is the same as on manufacturers’ site, but can differ.

9. Research other things and questions which come to your mind. Make a list of questions you have. If some of them are not answered on a shop’s website, make a call and ask them over the phone.

When your research is completed look at the results and begin to throw out shops that clearly don’t suit your demands. When only two or three shops will stay analyze their differences and consider visiting their website or calling them to ask additional questions. Then, using logic and intuition, select the only shop where you will place an order.

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