Infrared sauna review: Sundance Sauna Monterey

Today I’m reviewing Monterey infrared sauna, a 2 person model by Sundance Sauna. Official website says that Sundance Sauna has 15-year sauna manufacturing experience and contains usual information about health benefits of infrared sauna and infrared vs. steam sauna comparison. There is some confusion with actual manufacturer of Monterey Sauna, since I found another site with the same models listed, Sauna Image. However, I believe that there is one manufacturer behind these sites, because they list the same phone number on their pages and they are similar in structure and content.

But let’s have a look at Monterey sauna characteristics:

Wood: Cedar interior, birch veneer exterior (standard model), but you can choose from poplar, birch, oak and cedar for both exterior and interior as an additional option.

External dimensions: Width: 49 in, Depth: 45 in, Height: 74 in.

Heaters: Ceramic, on the back, under the bench and on the front.

Outlets: 120 V, 15 Amps.

Accessories: Speakers with optional CD/AM/FM player, optional magazine rack and backrest. Every sauna comes with a bottle of eucalyptus oil.

Warranty: Heaters – lifetime, electrics – 5 years, wood – 1 year.

Click on the link to see the image of Monterey sauna.

The main advantage of Sundance Sauna as a manufacturer is that they provide so many options for infrared sauna wood. Their offer four different wood choices – poplar, birch, oak and cedar, more than any other infrared sauna manufacturer I’ve seen. From other good features there are adjustable feet, full-glass door, halogen lighting and ventilation.

However, Monterey sauna has a solid bench, not allowing infrared rays to reach some parts of your body. No backrests in standard modification but they can be purchased extra. Dimensions are average so you may want to make sure that there will be enough place for you to feel comfortable in there.

No downloadable manual is provided for this sauna just some photos which illustrate assembly process.

Monterey infrared sauna is a quality model and can be a good option, especially if you are seeking for some certain wood type.

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