How to install infrared sauna

So your infrared sauna has arrived. You can’t wait to try it. Cool down. Don’t push it. There are some steps left before you can enjoy your brand new infrared sauna.

Begin with checking that your packages contain. Find an instruction manual or some other piece of paper with all of the parts listed. Identify all of them, check for defects.

Your next goal is to become familiar with assembly process. It is very important to show some patience and to read sauna manual to understand how you will bring it all together. If you won’t be confident with assembly steps you can make a mistake that will cost you time to disassemble and assemble the sauna again. Even worse, you can break or scratch something.

If you’re not decided where to place your sauna yet, take a look at finding a place for a sauna post. If you’re owner of a classic infrared sauna cabin then look at the power cord and plug provided with the sauna. Make sure that it has expected type and fits your outlet. If you don’t have an outlet preinstalled it can be a right time to install it. You can read more about in my outlet installation post.

When you know where your sauna will be standing, have a power outlet for it and understand all assembly steps then it is time to begin to put it’s all together. No need to hurry, make each step with confidence and knowledge. If you’re not sure consult with manual. Remember that it is the first time when you assemble this sauna model and there is nothing wrong with doing it slow. Ok I know I’m overemphasizing, but be careful anyway.

After that make the final touch and clean your sauna with damp cloth both inside and outside. The last step is to check that it works. Return to the instruction manual and read about controls. Then plug the cord in the outlet and turn on the sauna. Check that all lights and control panel work properly. If your sauna has an audio or a video system you need to check its functions too. Set the timer of your sauna for a typical session or slightly more (30-40 minutes) and wait. Don’t go in as in case of malfunction you can harm your health. Check that in process and after there are no suspicious smells or smoke, that all heaters work (don’t touch them, just place your arm before the heater and you should feel heat if it works). I recommend leaving your sauna open for a couple of days to let all manufactory smells to flow out.

You’re done. I summarized all that I wrote in a short checklist you can scan if you’ll want to recall something:

  • check that all parts are present and have no defects
  • familiarize yourself with assembly process
  • check that the sauna power plug matches your outlet
  • check that the length of the power cord is enough to reach the outlet
  • if you don’t have the outlet then install one
  • assemble the sauna carefully, with knowledge and confidence
  • clean the sauna from inside and from outside with damp cloth
  • do your sauna a test-drive to ensure that all is working properly:
    • control panel
    • lights
    • heaters
    • timer
    • video/audio
  • leave your sauna open for a couple of days to let manufactory smells flow out

While there is nothing revolutionary new in all that I wrote about infrared sauna installation, I find it nice to have all things in one place you can scan through to make sure you didn’t forget anything. I hope you will find this guide helpful.

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One Response to “How to install infrared sauna”

  1. Scott Steele Says:

    Hi Paul

    Do you have any tips on repairs aside from from going through the distributors for replacement parts?

    I have a Saunacare FIR sauna and the solder board converting the power has broken down for the second time within 12 months. The distributor dragged things out 3months the first time while on warranty and now tells me electrical warranty is only 6 months. They’re asking for $400 for the part (which have only been lasting 3 months each so far).

    It looks like a simple enough electrical circuit but I’m not sure how to locate an appropriate expert who’s likely to have the parts.

    By the way – the dodgy distribtor is SunSeal Spas in Australia and they have still not paid the electrician to replace the part within the warranty time.