Infrared sauna review: Miracle Heat Miracle II

In this review I write about another 2-person infrared sauna model, Miracle II by Miracle Heat. The bad thing I can say about their website is that it looks a little unprofessional (but on a home page they say that website is being reworked). The good thing is that Miracle Heat website has more information that many other manufacturers’ websites. It has many sauna options described, detailed description on all of their sauna models, information on heaters and so on.

The characteristics of Miracle II sauna model are:

Wood: Poplar interior, poplar or birch exterior.

External dimensions: Width: 50 in, Depth: 42 in, Height: 80 in.

Internal dimensions: Width: 48 in, Depth: 40 in, Height: 76 in.

Weight: 460 lbs.

Heaters: 6 incoloy heaters (or optional ceramic), on the back (3), under the bench (1) and on the front (2).

Outlets: 110 V, 15 Amps, 1650 Watts, 20 Amp breaker required.

Accessories: Optional: light therapy, negative ion generator, magazine rack, additional windows, vents neat the floor, stereo speakers.

Warranty: Heaters and cabinetry – lifetime, electrics – 5 years.

Price: $2295 (Birch/poplar), $2695 (Poplar/poplar)

Click on the link to see the image of Miracle II sauna.

There is nothing that makes Miracle II sauna to stand out from typical 2-person infrared sauna model. It has average dimensions, solid bench and no backrests. Small difference is that it has six heaters instead on standard five for many other 2-person saunas, but I don’t thinks it really makes a lot of difference. As with other average sauna model the first thing you should turn your attention to is its size. Will it be enough for you? Will you be able to take enjoy 30-minute sauna session in its interior? Also, the solid bench means that infrared rays won’t be able to reach some parts of your body.

The strength of Miracle II sauna comes from additional options. It is a highly customizable sauna. You can use ceramic heaters if you prefer them over incoloy. You can specify that there should be additional windows in the sauna. Stereo speakers can be installed so you can attach some external source and listen to music while taking a sauna. You can choose the options you want and save money on unneeded ones.

There is no downloadable Miracle II sauna manual on the official website, but there is an installation guide available.

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