Infrared sauna review: Sauna Works Clearlight IS-2

This review will be about Clearlight IS-2 infrared sauna, a 2-person sauna by Sauna Works. Again as with many infrared sauna websites there is not much essential information at their website behind the promotional texts. I can’t say anything special about Sauna Works after browsing their website, but Clearlight model line is sold by many online shops and one can even find it at Amazon.

Now let’s proceed to Clearlight IS-2 numbers:

Wood: Cedar, veneer-free.

External dimensions: Width: 50 in, Depth: 42.5 in, Height: 76 in.

Weight: 370 lbs.

Heaters: 5 ceramic infrared heaters (TrueWave ™), on the back (3), on the front (2) and under the bench (1). Total heater surface area is 1740 sq in.

Outlets: 120 V, 15 Amps, 1500 Watts.

Accessories: AM/FM CD stereo.

Warranty: Heaters, cabinetry electrical – lifetime, I assume that AM/FM CD player has a common 1 year guarantee, but I haven’t found it on their website.

Price: Around $3900.

Additional information that manufacturer provides is that Clearlight IS-2 sauna has internal depth 39 in and that its bench dimensions are 47×20 in. Other details include halogen light and a window for ventilation. The bench is solid and no there is no backrests supplied with a sauna.

Sauna Works Clearlight IS-2

Sauna Works stress two features that make their sauna unique. First, it is that all their saunas are manufactured in USA and have highest quality contrary to sauna models manufactured in Asia and second, is their patented True Wave ™ ceramic infrared heater technology which is said to produce infrared radiation at better wavelengths than other heaters because of more surface area (similar to claims made by Sunlight Saunas about Solocarbon ™ heaters).

No downloadable owner’s manual or assembly guide is provided on Sauna Works website. I have to conclude that even if their sauna has advantages over other infrared saunas it is hard to tell by information they provide. However if you like the design or had some positive experience with Clearlight IS-2 somewhere it can be an option.

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3 Responses to “Infrared sauna review: Sauna Works Clearlight IS-2”

  1. Mark Manson Says:

    The Clearlight sauna is manufactured by Cedrus Sauna (American Infrared) Sunlight Saunas in the past carried these models and later switched manufacturers (hence the similarities in claims and design). The heaters are not ceramic, but instead they are incoloy rods encased between two aluminum plates and then sprayed with a ceramic coating. The sauna is not veneer free there is veneer used in the ceiling and the box that the CD player mounts into. I would be happy to provide additional information if you would like.

  2. Doris Juul Says:

    I’m looking for reviews to help make my decision. I need an infrared sauna for health reasons and like the Clearlight and Sunlight. It is difficult to know which of these are another brand would give me the most benefit. I’m a cancer and heart patient and my spouse suffers from joint pain. Thanks.

  3. Paul Mernon Says:

    It is hard to recommend one or another model, because I don’t have medical education and because I personally think that health benefits that different sauna brands can give don’t vary much. I believe that finding proper regimen can benefit you more than attempt to buy ‘the most beneficial’ sauna.

    I think the best is to try both and choose the one you like most. Or, if you can try only one, try it and buy it if you liked the experience.