Finding place for infrared sauna

I want to share one easy and small tip how to quickly experiment with places where you can have your sauna installed. I’d used it to make some furniture rearrangements in my room some days and it can be applied for infrared sauna too.

First, you will need the plan for your house. Ideally, you already have a plan somewhere in your papers, but if you don’t, you need to devote some time to making one. For this you will need several sheets of grid paper, a ruler, a pencil, an eraser, a scissors and some tool for measuring room dimensions, like a measuring tape.

Measure the room where you plan to install an infrared sauna. Take the dimensions as well as position of doors and windows. Also you will need to know where power outlets are placed. Draw it all on a sheet of a grid paper, but do not forget to define a scale first. I recommend taking a scale on which your room covers most space on the paper. Then look up the dimensions of a sauna model you want to buy (you can find the dimensions of some models from reviews on this website). If you have time I also recommend measuring all significant furniture in the room, especially if you plan to rearrange it to free additional space for the sauna.

Now when you have your room plan on the paper with all windows/doors shown, get another grid paper and draw rectangles on it which will represent the pieces of furniture you measured (including a sauna). Note that you need to add 3-4 inches to the dimensions you took to take the spacing between the furniture into account. Cut these figures from the paper.

Having the room plan and the cuts representing furniture you can play and try different combinations to find the best fit for your sauna. Once you master this trick you can find it very addictive. You can try to make the plan of the whole house. To give your models more endurance you can glue them to some harder medium, cardboard for example.

This tip gives you the possibility to try different furniture placements without physically moving things around. Sure, it can’t provide the same level of visualization, but it can help to identify the best options to try. You don’t necessarily have to do all this things on paper, for advanced computer users there is various computer software for house planning but it usually costs money. The paper is free and I believe is just simpler and more natural. Some office suites (like Open Office or Microsoft Office) can be used for these purposes with some improvisation and skill.

And couple of ideas at the end. If you don’t have a grid paper but have a printer you can generate and print it with this handy Grid Paper PDF Generator by If you don’t know how to measure your room then you can try to use a rope or a stick which length you know or can measure beforehand. Happy planning!

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