Infrared sauna review: High Tech Health TL-2 (Thermal Life)

This review will be about a 2-person TM-2 (Thermal Life) infrared sauna model by High Tech Health. This is a well-known company and their infrared sauna models are widely spread. As a result there are many different opinions on their product. I’ve read both positive and negative views on the web. For example Andrew Hall Cutler (an author of a book on mercury poisoning cure) not once showed his negative opinion on High Tech Health sauna in autism-mercury group (see this post for example). So I want to remind you once more that you should try a sauna model in advance before buying it and consult with your doctor, especially if you plan to use an infrared sauna as a supplement to any medical treatment.

Back to the specifications of TM-2 sauna:

Wood: Poplar.

External dimensions: Width: 49 in, Depth: 40 1/2 in, Height: 73 1/2 in.

Heaters: Sand-filled, ceramic coated.

Outlets: 110 V, 15 Amps.

Accessories: Stereo speakers.

Warranty: Heaters – lifetime, cabin and electronics – 5 years.

Price: No reliable information, found two online shops with prices around $3000.

Click on the link to see the image of TL-2 sauna.

The official site of High Tech Health contains a lot of medical information and references, listing a couple of studies which support the infrared sauna effectiveness. However I don’t find them convincing enough, as studies have very narrow topic and many references to other studies they provide have very little in common with infrared saunas.

On the other side, there is not much information present on High Tech Health infrared saunas. No online owner’s manual is available and no assembly instructions.

TL-2 sauna has a ventilation window and a fan. Lexan is used for a window material, which is said to be non-breakable and non-toxic. High Tech Health uses tempered glass as a windows material (they no longer use lexan; see comments). Another feature which the manufacturer emphasizes is a high precision control of sauna temperature. TL-2 is not very big, its dimensions are average. The bench is solid. Hypoallergenic poplar wood is used for TL-2 infrared sauna construction. Note that heaters used for this sauna are somewhat unusual – sand-filled ceramic coated. However it is in question if they are better or worse that any other infrared heater.

My conclusion is that one should take into account that there is a lot of talk about High Tech Health saunas, both positive and negative. From all other sides TL-2 appears to be a typical 2-person infrared sauna model.

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One Response to “Infrared sauna review: High Tech Health TL-2 (Thermal Life)”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I have recently been made aware of your site and I thought you might like to know we actually no longer use Lexan as our window material. We are now providing tempered glass in all three models. I also saw from your posting on the Yahoo work-group for far infrared saunas that you are looking to provide information on where people can try them and I wanted to let you know I have a nationwide listing of medical practitioners who make our units available to the general public. Their modalities range from MD’s to body workers and they are available in the US, Mexico, Canada as well as a clinic in Switzerland. I would also be more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive information packet as it does not appear we have ever mailed you one…perhaps it would answer the questions you still have about the validity of the modality and the science that supports it. I also have a document I feel is unbiased and un-proprietary to assist folks in navigating the confusion and hypocrisies of the industry. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you and those you are educating so well!