Portable infrared sauna tent

One of alternative to a classic wooden infrared sauna cabin is a portable folding infrared sauna (or hothouse as it sometimes called). It usually consists of a small tent made of some kind of fabric in which a person sits while taking a sauna. Infrared emitters are usually built-in in the tent walls and sometimes there is one on the floor for feet warming. There are holes for a head and arms with zippers. When taking this sauna one’s head and arms are out of the tent. In a typical tent a foldable chair is also supplied.

Obvious benefits of this sauna type over an infrared sauna cabin are:

Price is significantly lower. While for a wooden infrared sauna cabin the price is usually well above $2000, for the portable infrared tent it falls in the $200 – $800 range, making it a more affordable purchase.

It takes much less space. It can be folded after session. You can use an infrared sauna tent if you don’t have free space for an infrared cabin.

It consumes less energy. The typical power consumption of an infrared sauna tent is around 800 Watts (vs 1600-3000 Watts for infrared sauna cabins) so it can be safely plugged it a common power outlet. No dedicated outlet is necessary, but you should not connect any other devices to the outlet or extension cord.

It heats up faster. Because of smaller volume an infrared sauna tent can heat up faster than an infrared sauna cabin.

A portable infrared sauna tent also has its drawbacks:

It is harder to try. While the price for a tent is lower than for an infrared cabin, it is still high enough to buy without trying. Most fitness centers/gyms/spas/doctors use a classic infrared sauna, a cabin. So an infrared sauna tent is usually harder to find and to try in your neighborhood.

The type of heaters used is in question. I found no reliable information about infrared heaters used in an infrared sauna tents. Some pages refer to a ‘super conductive heating element’ which is a complete nonsense to me as superconductivity is a phenomenon which occurs only at temperatures far below than room temperature and it is very expensive technology. I think it is not very fair to throw words like this only to convince a customer that a sophisticated technology was used in a product.

It is less comfortable that a cabin. Foldable chair and a neck fixed when your head is out makes an infrared tent not very convenient. Half an hour session can make your back tired as you have nothing to lean on. It is hard to read with your hands out of the sauna as there is no support for them.

The quality is in question. Most of infrared sauna tent models come from Asian manufacturers and there are no respectable and established brands. When buying an infrared sauna tent one has a risk to get a low-quality product that will not match buyer’s expectations.

The final conclusion is that an infrared sauna tent is an attractive alternative for an infrared sauna cabin but the risk of staying unsatisfied is high.

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3 Responses to “Portable infrared sauna tent”

  1. Bertha Sherman Says:

    Thank you for all the information that you have provided. I’m one of those persons who don’t have space for a cabin and is look for a real FIR tent, but does not know which one to buy. Thanks to you I do have more information. But the question is still, how do I know that the panels in the tent are the real FIR. I have seen the word ceramic heating, does this make it FIR?. What makes the sauna (FIR)far infrared? When I call to place my order I want to be be able to ask the seller what type of heater or panels in the tent and understand what is being told to me.

    Thanks for your help

  2. Paul Mernon Says:

    There is no such thing as real/not real FIR. Every heated surface produce infrared waves, so all that required for infrared sauna is an enclosure (a tent) and heaters placed inside that become hot and thus emit infrared waves.
    Most common heater materials used in cabin saunas are ceramic, carbon and metal (incloloy). Because of foldable nature of tent saunas, there may be other types, but the principle stays the same – every hot surface emit infrared rays.
    With foldable tent sauna an important issue is the safety of heaters. Make sure that heaters are certified to conform to electrical safety standards (UL, ETL, CSA for USA/Canada or CE for Europe).

  3. Bertha Sherman Says:

    Thanks again for for all the helpful information.