Places where you can try infrared sauna

As I wrote earlier in try before you buy post , it is a bad idea to buy a rather expensive infrared sauna without trying it first. No words can describe the actual feeling of an infrared sauna. And no one knows how it will feel to you or your family member.

In this post I list some ideas how to find an infrared sauna in your neighborhood to try it out. I want to thank the members of far infrared sauna discussion group for ideas and help.

For doing your search you will probably need some kind of your local yellow pages (if you don’t have one, you can search it online with a search phrase like “yellow pages Atlanta” or “yellow pages London”). Another option is to use Google Local service.

So here is the list of places where you can try to find an infrared sauna in your local area:

  1. Spa, pool and bathroom stores. Many of them have infrared saunas in their list of goods, and chances are high you will be able to try one there.
  2. Gyms, fitness centers, spas, resort hotels. An infrared sauna can be found in some of them. But note that the session is probably will be not free at these places.
  3. Local dealers. If you already have some manufacturers in mind then you can contact them for the list of dealers near you. Make a list of manufacturers which appeal to you most and call/email them for a list of dealers at your area.
  4. Doctor offices. Some alternative medicine doctors and clinics have an infrared sauna installed in their offices where you can try it.
  5. Various shows. Sometimes infrared sauna manufacturers take part in spa/pool/home/garden shows where they present their infrared sauna models. Check if one of such shows takes place in your neighborhood.

I think the chances are high that you will find an infrared sauna to try out with at least one of this ways. I hope you will find this list helpful.

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