2-person infrared sauna models comparison chart

Since I’ve started this blog in December 2005 I wrote twelve reviews of 2-person infrared sauna models from different manufacturers. I know that these 12 models don’t cover all 2-person infrared saunas available on the market, as I’m aware of some more models, but they cover the major part of it. Also, my reviews included the most popular models (this is my own opinion based on how often I read about a certain model in online forums or groups and on position of related websites in search engine result pages). So, having these reviews and all data I’ve read and gathered when writing them, I think it is a good time to have some overview and analysis.

I’ve compiled a comparison chart of these models, which you can download in pdf format. You can use it to choose the model or to conduct your own analysis, as you like. Note, that although the comparison chart is for 2-person models, some columns apply for entire manufacturer’s model line – such columns are wood, heater type, warranty, and, to some extent, accessories. I plan to do more comparisons in the future, including the comparison of manufacturers, but you can use this one for now.

2-person infrared sauna models comparison chart (PDF, 45 Kb, dowload Acrobat Reader to view)

Here are my comments about some aspects of this comparison.


The most popular wood for infrared sauna is cedar. Supporters of cedar talk about its pleasant smell, antibacterial properties and the fact that it lasts longer that other woods. The most popular alternative to cedar is poplar and defenders of this wood choice say that poplar is hypoallergic and hence more suitable for detoxification, while cedar can outgas some oils it contains. If you want to have your sauna built from any other wood there will be no problem as there is a wide range of models made from other woods and some manufacturers have many wood options. The possible wood types of models in the chart include spruce, birch, hemlock fir, basswood, oak and aspen.


Ceramic heaters are most widely used, with variation of a sand-filled ceramic coated heater. Other available heater types are incoloy (a nickel-chromium alloy with strong resistance to oxidation and carburization, maintains stable structure during exposure to high temperature) and carbon heaters. I’m still doing research about infrared heater types and will post the comparison of different heater types later. For now I can say that incoloy heaters have highest surface temperature, ceramic ones have lower, and carbon has lowest temperature of the three.


Since this comparison chart is about 2-person saunas, the dimensions don’t differ much. The bad thing that only few manufacturers provide internal dimensions of their saunas because internal dimensions can have impact to the comfort of the sauna cabin. Depth of the sauna cabin is the most varying dimension, height varies a bit too. Width is almost constant.


The majority of models in the chart can be plugged in a 15A outlet. Power consumption of 2-person models falls in 1200 – 1600 Watt range.

Warranty and accessories

Five year or lifetime warranty became a standard in the infrared sauna industry. All models have it. All models reviewed have stereo speakers installed and many have a CD/AM/FM player built-in. The typical warranty for a player is 1 year.


Unfortunately, price is not very reliable column of the chart, is can only provide the range of prices, while numbers can vary. Some prices in the chart are MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) but sometimes a model can be found in a shop for a much lower price. Some prices were found only in a few online shops, so they cannot be reliable. Price can vary depending on wood type, accessories, heaters used, and so on. In general I can say that prices for 2-person infrared saunas vary from $2000 to $5000, but you have to contact manufacturer or a shop to get a price for a particular model.

Here I want to finish my post and say that this chart will not be unchanged – it will change, as I will review more 2-person models or uncover more details about ones that already in there. If you know something about a topic please share it so I will be able to include this information in the next version of the chart. You can do it by posting a comment to this post or via contact form.

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6 Responses to “2-person infrared sauna models comparison chart”

  1. Lynn Bremmer Says:

    Heaters seem to be the key to a good sauna.
    Because carbon heaters have the lowest actual heat does this affect the far infrared rays received? I understand the higher the actual heat the less far infrared rays received. I assume the key to a good sauna is to receive the maximum far infrared rays possible??

  2. huong Says:

    do you know waterstar sauna, it is a direct import company. Are their products good?



  3. Paul Mernon Says:

    Actually, amount of infrared emitted depends more on heater power consumption. 400W heater will emit about two times more infrared than 200W heater.

    The thing that depends on heater temperature is wavelength of infrared rays emitted. Low-temperature heater emit infrared with longer wavelength.

    Some vendors state that one wavelength is better than other, but I’m sceptical about these claims. I haven’t seen any reasonable explanation or scientific support for this.

  4. Paul Mernon Says:

    I reviewed one of Waterstar models here: Infrared sauna review: Waterstar 2-person (WSD-8002LD).

    Also, several people wrote me that they bought a Waterstar sauna and are happy with it. But I always recommend to try a sauna before purchase.

  5. Ginger Lehman Says:

    I have a Sauna by Air Wall which I bought years ago (1999 maybe). I bought it from a dealer down in Los Angeles. It has 3 heater panels on the back wall and one on each side of the door. It doesn’t have the heater panel under the bench. The salesman said I could order one later if I wanted one. A while later I tried to contact the salesman to order the extra panel but after repeated calls I gave up. How do I order the panels that go under the bench. The plate on the front of the sauna is SoftHeat Modle #CT-107.

  6. Doreen Davies Says:

    I am interested in the Saunetec sauna line and have been speaking to Randi Gomm about his sauna. Do you know anything about his story and if his sauna is as good as he claims? There is so much contradicting information that I am totally confused. I need help in deciding which sauna to buy. My husband has chronic pain and I have heavy metals and many toxins so we don’t want to make a mistake and buy something that isn’t going to help us. I have a sense that Randi is sincere and really gone through serious health problems. I hope he truly wants to help people by selling what he feels is a better sauna. Thanks, Doreen