Infrared sauna review: EconoSauna

In last years many infrared sauna brands manufactured in Asia appeared on the market. Because of lower cost of these saunas they became a strong competitor to other higher-priced sauna brands. As a result some new infrared sauna companies which resell Asian brands emerged and some infrared sauna resellers switched to Asian saunas as well. Some manufacturers added Asian sauna models as additional, cheaper option to those who can’t (or doesn’t want) to buy their original saunas.

One of such models is EconoSauna (also known as econoSaunaUSA), which is distributed by Miracle Heat Saunas. It is a 2-person sauna model and it’s specifications include:

Wood: Russian white spruce.

External dimensions: Width: 49 in, Depth: 43 in, Height: 75 in.

Heaters: Ceramic.

Outlets: 110 V, probably 15Amp (based on wattage, 1560W)

Accessories: Optional AM/FM CD player.

Warranty: Workmanship – 5 years.

Price: Vary from $1695 to $1295.

Click on the link to see the image of two-person EconoSauna model.

There is little can be said about EconoSauna model. The only distributor of this sauna is Miracle Heat and they don’t provide much information about it. All what I can tell from specifications is that it is a standard 2-person infrared sauna, except one thing – a foot bath, that looks like a small infrared heater built-in the sauna floor, which can be used to heat one’s feet when taking a sauna.

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