10 new things about Infrared Sauna Info you didn’t know

Not so long ago I read this post by Dr. Hsien Hsien Lei, PhD on Genetics and Health blog on topic of credibility of health-related web logs. While I can’t call my blog purely health-related, I write health-related post here, mostly questioning health benefits of infrared saunas.

Dr. Lei suggest answering questions which are posed by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health to evaluate medical resources on web. I decided to answer these questions for my blog, using this as an opportunity to tell more about me and Infrared Sauna Info blog. Here are my answers:

1. Who runs this site?

My name is Paul Mernon and I run this site. However, as I clearly state at my about page, this name is a pseudonym, as my real name is too long and hard-pronounced for the people with English as a first language. I’m not a doctor and don’t have any medical education. I just want to live a healthy life. And I want not just follow the recommendations (often contradictory) from various doctors, but to understand why one way of living is more healthy than another. I try apply my knowledge of natural science (I have a master degree in applied physics and mathematics, and I’m a software engineer) to what I know about health and medicine to get a better understanding of it and to improve my own lifestyle.

2. Who pays for the site?

Initially I funded this website with my own money but recently I put some Google AdSense advertisements to see if they will be able to provide enough revenue to cover hosting costs. AdSense is an advertising system that tries to show relevant ads by analyzing the content of the pages on the site and I don’t control what ads will be displayed. I don’t promote any particular product or company.

3. What is the purpose of the site?

This website was born as an attempt to gather information about infrared saunas and present it here in a clear and unbiased way, to allow ones who are thinking about using or buying an infrared sauna to have all they need to make a decision or judgment before their eyes. Eventually, the more I read about infrared sauna topic the more I felt that this topic is very complicated and there is not much quality websites on it. So I decided to start blogging about it.

Also, Infrared Sauna Info is the first blog I ever started. In fact, it is the first website I ever run. So I thought that picking such a narrow topic would be good to start. Well… I think it is for another post. It’s too long story to continue it here. :)

4. Where does the information come from?

It comes from the websites and blogs on the internet. As an infrared sauna is not a very popular topic and there is a lot of contradictions about it, I have to search for bits and pieces of relevant information on the web. I select only those sources that I find credible. I follow the news through news sites like Google News and Topix.net, I’m searching the blogosphere for the posts and discussions, and also I read several Yahoo! and Google groups which cover topics related to infrared saunas. I’m also reading public available research papers and other medical materials related to infrared therapy. As a source for my reviews I use the descriptions of infrared sauna models from their manufacturers’ websites.

5. What is the basis of the information?

When I write about facts I try to include link of other reference to the source. When I write my own opinion I state so.

6. How is the information selected?

Well, it’s easy. There is not much information about infrared saunas, and all what I think can be helpful to the readers I post here. Also I do my own reasoning trying to understand how infrared sauna can benefit our health and trying to separate essential information from marketing exaggeration. Also I apply my knowledge of physics when possible and this alone helps to cut of some false claims about infrared saunas. Sometimes I post about other health-related topics, just because blogging only about infrared sauna can become boring both to readers and to me.

7. How current is the information?

Some posts describe the current state of infrared sauna market and health news. Some are about general, time-independent infrared sauna topics, like the recent Infrared sauna and health series or recommendations where and why to try an infrared sauna.

8. How does the site choose links to other sites?

I link to resources I personally find interesting and helpful, preferably if they are about infrared sauna, or just about sauna. However, I can also link to other quality health resources and blogs.

9. What information about you does the site collect, and why?

No private information is collected about visitors, except ones who receive updates to my blog via email (their emails are stored to be able to send updates to them). I never sell or rent any information about my visitors to anyone.

10. How does the site manage interactions with visitors?

All my visitors can leave their comments under my posts of send me feedback via online contact form. There are RSS feeds available for my blog and for comments to every post. Also, visitors can subscribe and receive all new posts via e-mail.

I hope these answers shed some light why and how I run this blog and gave a better understanding of what to expect from this blog. I run Infrared Sauna Info for more than three months already and it gradually becomes more filled with information and links. I welcome anyone to ask me additional questions if they want to know more about my site and blog. While I can’t promise I will answer every question, I will definitely respond to interesting and on-topic ones.

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