Infrared sauna review: SaunaZen

I continue to review a subset of 2-person infrared sauna models which are positioned as a cheaper alternative to high-end brands. Such models are usually made in Asia and are said to be simpler in design and with less accent on quality and comfort. However I think that such models worth to be taken into account, as they can possible fit your demands as well as their expensive alternatives with price $1000-$2000 higher.

This review is about a 2-person SaunaZen model. SaunaZen is an infrared sauna model line which is offered by Sauna by Airwall in addition to their main model line (you can also read the review of their 2-person sauna model 2-49). This model doesn’t have a special number or name, SaunaZen models are designated by their capacity, so I will refer to a model in review as a 2-person SaunaZen model.

Here are the specifications of a 2-person Sauna Zen:

Wood: Hemlock (veneer-free).

External dimensions: Width: 47 in, Depth: 41 in, Height: 75 in.

Internal dimensions: Width: 44 in, Depth: 36 in, Height: 67 in.

Heaters: 5 ceramic tube heaters, 2 back, 2 front and 1 under the bench.

Outlets: 120 V, 20 Amps, 1900 Watts

Accessories: AM/FM CD player.

Warranty: 5 years, on heaters and controls.

Price: $1595.

Click on the link to see the image of two-person SaunaZen model.

This sauna model provides usual set of features that modern infrared sauna should have: tempered glass, outside/inside digital control, reading light. However I found no mention about ventilation capabilities of this model. Another thing is that 2-person SaunaZen requites a 20-amp electric circuit and outlet, while it is common for other 2-person models to plug in a standard 15-amp outlet.

Conclusion is that this model doesn’t have any serious flaws, and its big advantage is a significantly low price. But to compare quality of wood and design details you have to see it yourself. Also, maybe the picture of this model interior will give you a better idea about design quality (found on eBay). I found no installation guide or manual for this model available on a Sauna by Airwall site.

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