Living with multiple chemical sensitivity

Check this article, about a person with a multiple chemical sensitivity (MSC) living in a house built to keep her from toxins:

Caryl Schonbrun lives in a strange little world with a hypo-allergenic dog named Bosco, an infrared sauna and outings nearly restricted to Whole Foods stores.

It’s the bubble life of one who suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity, a mysterious syndrome not totally recognized by the medical world but felt by millions of Americans, many of whom might not know they have it.

The article mentions that Caryl uses an infrared sauna every day to detoxify her body. They even have a photo of the sauna. It appears to be one of widely available 2-person sauna models. This story is, in my opinion, one of the examples how sauna really helps a person with illness to live a more happy life.

Life in a bubble is not an easy one, and the article mention many ways how Caryl Schonbrun is fighting with toxin in a world around her. She can only read the magazines when they are in a plastic box with gloves on her hands. Magazines contain chemicals that make her sick. Even the pet she owns, a Yorkshire terrier-poodle mix, is hypo-allergenic.

Living life in a bubble, by Miles Blumhardt (via The Coloradoan)

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