Infrared light sauna by Cedarbrook Sauna&Steam

In the post I wrote about do it yourself infrared saunas, there was a way proposed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson in his book Sauna Therapy. His sauna uses several infrared lamps mounted on a board and placed in an enclosure to sit in while taking a sauna. However, one should have sufficient skill to build such kind of infrared sauna, as mounting lamps on a board requires electrical wiring. If done improperly there can be a risk of electrical shock.

But there is an alternative from Cedarbrook Sauna & Steam store. They offer prefabricated infrared light box, which is done according to Dr. Wilson’s plans and description. It is a box with 3×250 watt infrared lamps mounted in. And the price is reasonable too. So if you plan to build your sauna according to Dr. Wilson then you may prefer this prefab infrared light box instead of making your own. Also, Cedarbrook has a sauna tent which is an infrared light box enclosed in a fabric tent on wooden frame with a bench inside. Dimensions of this infrared sauna tent are 42in x 40in x 72in.

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