Infrared sauna review: 2-person sauna from SaunaTec brands (Amerec, Finnleo, Helo, McCoy, Polar)

Today, SaunaTec is a worldwide company that forms The Saunatec®Group, which includes such brands as Amerec, Finnleo, Helo, McCoy and Polar. These companies use saunas manufactured at SaunaTec’s Minnesota facility, rebrand them and sell under different name (this is my opinion, that formed after browsing these companies websites). So the infrared sauna model which is in review is also known by the following names:

Amerec Cashmere
Finnleo Sunset
Helo Twilight
McCoy IR-44
Polar PIR-44

These models differ only slightly by design (actually, many look identically on the photos) and have the same characteristics:

Wood: Cedar, spruce or pine (depending on model).

External dimensions: Width: 48 in, Depth: 48 in, Height: 80 in.

Heaters: 6 tube heaters (found no reference, but presumably incoloy or ceramic), 2 on back, 1 under the bench, 1 on front, 2 on side panels.

Outlets: 120 V, 15 Amps, 1700 Watts

Accessories: Stereo speakers.

Warranty: Surprisingly, but no warranty information was found on official websites.

Price: Differs, falls in $3400-$4100 range, but found one shop with $6610 price (probably it is too old, and prices lowered since then).

This model leaves the impression of well-established, proven design. Advantages of this infrared room are it’s large depth and the fact that it has heaters in the both side panels, just like in Heavenly Heat FIR1 sauna. Disadvantage is that there is no inside control.

There is an assembly manual (in pdf) for this sauna at Finnleo website, but it contains SaunaTec contact information inside, so it probably applies its sister brands as well.

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