Infrared laser burns fat

Medgadget writes about new fat-melting free electron laser. However, article to which they refer was too short, and since I’ve suspected that laser wavelength is probably lies in an infrared range, I researched this topic a bit and found a more detailed article – Free-electron laser targets fat. It writes:

Based on a fat absorption spectrum, tissue was exposed to a range of wavelengths of infrared laser light (800-2600 nanometers) using the Free-Electron Laser facility at Jefferson Lab. The researchers measured how selected wavelengths heated the fat and compared the result to a similar experiment conducted with pure water. At most infrared wavelengths, water is more efficiently heated by infrared light; however, the researchers found three wavelengths – 915, 1210 and 1720 nm – where fat was more efficiently heated than water.

I want to say first, that this study does not carry evidence that infrared sauna can have same effect, because the origin of infrared radiation in an infrared sauna has a different nature. The difference is that a laser can emit light at a specific wavelength (as it was in a study at Jefferson Lab), but infrared heaters (or lamps) emit infrared in a wide range of wavelengths.

But the whole fact that fat tissues can absorb infrared radiation better than water is very interesting. It can maybe be one of the causes of benefits of an infrared sauna – especially in the skin care area.

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