Study: Improvement of blood flow in patients with congestive heart failure

This study, conducted in Faculty of Medicine of Kagoshima University, Kagoshima City, Japan, studies effects of warm-water bath and sauna bath on a patients with chronic congestive heart failure (CHF). The study has direct connection to far infrared sauna, because, as stated in a paper:

Hemodynamic changes during a sauna bath were monitored using an experimental far infrared-ray dry sauna that had a window for communication and permitted monitoring in exactly the same manner as for the warm-water bath study. First, cardiac hemodynamic baseline values were obtained at room temperature with each patient in a supine position on a movable rail-bed. The patient then had a sauna for 15 minutes in the same position, while the sauna temperature was kept at 60°C (as measured where the patient was positioned).

The study is filled with medicine terms so it can be hard for a non-specialist to interpret it, but if you’ll refer to encyclopedia (for example, Wikipedia) to look up specific terms it will be not hard to understand general results of these study.

Study finds, that sauna session (warm-water bath also provide similar effects, but there are some differences) improves blood flow (hemodynamics). Core temperature rised to 38.1°C (100.58°F). Diastolic blood pressure declined significantly during the sauna and then declined further 30 minutes after the sauna. Heart rate increased too.

Article note, that this study does not cover long-term effect of the sauna:

In the present study, the acute hemodynamic changes in CHF were examined for one warm-water bath or sauna. The long-term effect of repeated baths remains a subject of interest. A number of patients have since shown good responses to several months of daily warm-water or sauna bathing (unpublished data).We are impressed that repeated thermal vasodilation improves the quality of life of patients by permitting an increase in daily activities and improving appetite, sleep quality, and general well-being. However, further investigations are needed regarding the clinical applicability of warm-water and sauna bathing as a nonpharmacological, vasodilation therapy for patients with CHF.

The results of this story generally support the fact that infrared sauna is beneficial for circulation and heart health.

Link to the study paper: Acute Hemodynamic Improvement by Thermal Vasodilation in Congestive Heart Failure

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