Story of autistic twins

The article at The Philadelphia Inquirer tells the story of autistics twins whose parents created a home treatment program for them, combining traditional and alternative methods for treatment of autism. Here are some quotes:

The twins spend dozens of hours each week with traditional therapists to develop attention and language skills. And twice a week they sit in a special sauna trying to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins from their systems – a controversial therapy that some believe may help.

Three years later, the hybrid regimen seems to be working.

Recent follow-up examinations of the twins, who turn 5 tomorrow, found Connor “appears to be functioning normally,” according to a medical evaluation. Bradley improved but at a slower pace, and is about a year behind his brother.

Altogether, each boy receives about 35 hours a week of educational and developmental work including speech, physical, occupation and play therapy.

The parents have created a physical therapy room with trampoline, workout mats and a swing. The room also houses the sauna that uses infrared light, not high heat, that helps detoxify the twins.

Their physician father credits the long hours of traditional therapy for much of his sons’ progress. Still, he thinks their diet, the supplements, and “the detoxification . . . has had a major effect.”

The article brings up the question of dangers of alternative medicine. The case when 5-year autistic boy died while undergoing chelation therapy at doctor’s office is mentioned.

It is still unknown what was the cause of progress, traditional methods, alternative, or both. But except chelation therapy, all other alternative methods mentioned in the article are physical activities (swing, trampoline) and infrared sauna. If not helping with autism directly, they promote healthy development of children (when not overused) and I think they have their share in recovery.

Link – Taking on autism, by Josh Goldstein

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