Infrared sauna review: SaunaGen Pro-Health III

Today in review is a 3-person infrared sauna model by SaunaGen, Pro-Health III.

Wood: Hemlock Fir

External dimensions: Width: 61 in, Depth: 43 in, Height: 75 in.

Internal dimensions: Width: 57 in, Depth: 38 in, Height: 67 in.

Heaters: 6 ceramic heaters, two on front, three on back, and one under the bench.

Outlets: 110 V, 20 Amps.

Accessories: CD player with radio.

Warranty: Heaters, control panel, electrical, wood – 5 years, CD player – 1 year.

Price: Around $2000-$2500.

Click on the link to see the image of Pro-Health III sauna.

This model is very similar to other model of SaunaGen infrared saunas line, Pro-Health II. For more extensive discussion you can read my review of SaunaGen Pro-Health II.

Main differences from a 2-person model are bigger dimensions and slightly higher power usage – so this model requires a 20 Amp circuit.

Link to manufacturer – SaunaGen Pro-Health III.

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