Reasons to buy larger infrared sauna

While small-dimension 2-person infrared sauna has a lot of advantages before larger models, such as lower electricity consumption, smaller dimensions, usually faster warm-up time and lower price, there are certainly some situations where you might consider buying a larger 4-6 person sauna:

1. If you plan to get a sauna together, in a company of your family or your friends. It is great to sit in the sauna together, chatting and laughing about different things.

2. If you like a spacious sauna and small 2-person units make you feel uncomfortable. It is hard for some people to sit in a small sauna cabin for half an hour without being able to stretch their feet, or lie down on a bench at full height.

3. If you want to do some exercises or practice yoga while taking a sauna. You will need a larger space if you want to exercise. However, keep in mind that exercising in a sauna is not recommended for beginners.

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