Search for infrared sauna discussion in CFS-L mailing list

Today, while browsing blogs I’ve subscribed to, I’ve read an entry at CFS Squared, a blog about chronic fatigue syndrome. This post, ‘Support for CFS Online for 14 Years‘, introduced a largest CFS support group, CFS-L mailing list, which is providing support and information since 1992, for 14 years. This mailing list corresponds to usenet group.

Having known that infrared saunas is often recommended as a therapy for CFS syndrome (reason is usually a detox effect they supposedly provide), I though that it is a good chance to learn more about practice of using infrared sauna to relieve chronic fatigue symptoms.

I went to Google Groups, which offer a handy search for usenet newsgroups and tried to search for a ‘sauna’ keyword. For my disappointment, while I found many mentions of sauna, there was actually no thorough discussion of the topic. Some people reported improvements after sauna treatment. Several people wrote that they cannot tolerate high temperature in a Finnish sauna. Maybe an infrared sauna can be an option for such people, as it operates at lower temperatures.

In addition, I found some interesting stories, one story of a man with CFS wandering from one treatment to another, and other a funny story about mixed-sex sauna experience.

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