EZe Products J5: Infrared sauna review

Another 3-person infrared sauna model, EZe Products J5:

Wood: Cedar

External dimensions: Width: 60 in, Depth: 44 in, Height: 74 in.

Heaters: 6 heaters, back (3, carbon), front (2, sand-filled ceramic), under the bench (1, sand-filled ceramic).

Outlets: 120 V, 20 Amps.

Accessories: Speakers (you can setup audio from reciever or other external source).

Warranty: Heaters, workmanship and electrical components – lifetime.

Price: $4895 (MSRP)

Earlier I reviewed another model by EZe Products and you can read this review of EZe Products J3 model which differs from this model only by dimensions and number of heaters.

You can download the assembly guide (in pdf) and the control panel guide from EZe Products website.

Update: after EZe Products website redesign the assembly guide is not avaliable for download. Maybe it will be added again later.

Link to manufacturer – EZe Products J5

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