Miracle Heat III: Infrared sauna review

Another sauna in the row of 3-person infrared sauna models is Miracle Heat III:

Wood: Poplar interior, poplar or birch exterior.

External dimensions: Width: 68 in, Depth: 42 in, Height: 80 in.

Internal dimensions: Width: 66 in, Depth: 40 in, Height: 76 in.

Weight: 550 lbs.

Heaters: 8 incoloy heaters (or optional ceramic), on the back (4), under the bench (2) and on the front (2).

Outlets: 110 V, 20 Amps, 2200 Watts, 30 Amp breaker required.

Accessories: Optional: light therapy, negative ion generator, magazine rack, additional windows, vents neat the floor, stereo speakers.

Warranty: Heaters and cabinetry – lifetime, electrics – 5 years.

Price: $2795 (Birch/poplar), $3195 (Poplar/poplar)

This model is similar to another 2-person infrared sauna model Miracle Heat II. You can read Miracle Heat II review to get more details.

There is no downloadable manual on the official website, but there is an installation guide available.

Link to manufacturer – Miracle Heat III

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