Choosing infrared sauna if you have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

Some naturopaths recommend a far infrared sauna as a supplementary treatment for MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) symptoms. Having infrared sauna recommended, people with MCS start to search for infrared saunas and discover that there are many types of infrared sauna – cabin, dome, tent, or even blanket. They all are quite expensive. All claim to be the best. And, in addition, some opinions tell that many infrared sauna companies use different chemicals in construction of their saunas without mentioning it in description. This is especially dangerous for people with MCS, as it can lead to harmful effects on their organism. If you are one of these people suffering from MCS, I wrote this article to ease your task of finding appropriate infrared sauna. I’m not having MCS myself, and I’m not a doctor, but I hope to help with my knowledge of infrared saunas.

Since applying a new remedy without recommendation of your doctor is unwise, the first thing you should do (if not yet) is to ask what sauna model and brand your doctor recommends. But if his suggestion is too expensive for you, or you can’t get recommended model for some other reason, or there is no recommendation at all, think of the following options:

  1. Constructing inexpensive infrared sauna yourself. This is the cheapest option, but it will need some work. You can turn your bathroom or another small room into a temporary infrared sauna with infrared heaters or infrared lamps. For details, ream my another article about do it yourself infrared sauna. Another option is to buy and install infrared sauna kit which is offered by some sauna companies. But remember – all do-it-yourself infrared saunas require extreme caution, for safety reason. Better if they will be installed by person skilled in electrics. If you don’t have small room for a sauna, you can make an enclosure with frame and some firm fabric over it.
  2. Buying inexpensive equivalent of do-it-yourself infrared sauna. This is a preconstructed variant of do-it-yourself sauna. Look at infrared light sauna for example.
  3. Buying an infrared sauna cabin. They are expensive, but prices are dropping last year, and you can afford a 2-person model for $1000+ now. For additiona information read the infrared sauna buying guide.

Options 1 and 2 have the advantage – you know what is inside your sauna and can control that there is no harmful substances used in construction. Option 3 is not so good – you may get a sauna which uses fiberglass, glue, plywood and will outgas when used. While some outgasing can be acceptable for people without MCS, even smallest portions of bad chemicals is unacceptable for people with MCS. When choosing an infrared sauna model, look for the most hypoallergic woods – poplar and basswood are examples. Also, write, phone or ask personally infrared sauna sellers about construction of their sauna, if it contains only safe materials. Especially effective are questions like “I have MCS, can you give me a guarantee that your sauna doesn’t contain (insert list of chemicals you are sensitive to)?”. Ideally, you should try your infrared sauna models several times before buying.

Infrared sauna domes, tents and blankets usually contain chemicals and hardly can be recommended to a person with MCS. As for recommendation of certain brands I do not have reliable information about it. Only thing I can say is that on sauna_detox discussion group at Yahoo there are several members with MCS who use Heavenly Heat combined (steam/infrared) saunas for detox. You can ask there for additional information.

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