Vitra sauna: Infrared sauna review

Vitra sauna is a new recently emerged sauna brand. I’ve found it while browsing for changes in far infrared sauna market. Vitra sauna is not a model line – it’s a single 2-person infrared sauna model. I was surprised how little specific information is given on the official website. Here is what I was able to collect:

Wood: supposedly, hemlock.

Dimensions: no information found, hence unknown.

Weight: shipping weight – 536 lbs (243 kg).

Heaters: 5 tubular ceramic heaters (2 on the back, 2 on the sides, 1 – not found, see below).

Outlets: no information.

Options: color therapy.

Warranty: no information.

By my opinion, Vitra sauna doesn’t differ much from ordinary far infrared sauna in terms of technical details. Look yourself – 5 ceramic heaters, which is typical for 2-person saunas, approximately the same dimensions (as seen on photos), bench, and so on. So the main difference of this sauna is how it looks. Let’s look at main points that are emphasized by the manufacturer.

Curvy design and full-glass front side, including door. It’s what really makes Vitra sauna look different from other sauna models, but it has a disadvantage – there are no heaters on the front side. Besides, if you like to take sauna with no clothes on, it full glass front can be embarrassing.

Heaters are traditional – ceramic tubes. Because of the glass front, there is no front heaters, which is quite unusual for infrared cabins. To compensate the absence of front heaters, there are heaters on the side walls, moved forward as far as possible and slightly tilted to the back walls. I think there is a risk that there is not enough infrared will come from the front when you’re taking a sauna. From the other side, glass is good infrared reflector, and maybe it can reflect some infrared from back and side heaters. Anyway, it’s hard to say without trying.

Also, it isn’t said in Vitra sauna description where fifth heater is located, and I failed to find it on sauna photos. It seems that there is no heater under the bench (as seen on the photos; maybe on the photo there was not fully assembled sauna). Then where it is? One of my guesses is on the floor, but it’s not for certain.

Vitra sauna has so-called ‘color therapy’ which should stimulate your ‘chakras’. On the website it is called ‘important medical reason’, but I’m somewhat skeptic about this benefit. If you think that such therapy can be beneficial, it can be a plus. But if there is no option for a common light, that’s rather a minus for me.

In addition, this sauna is said to have a comfortable ergonomic bench, but it is impossible to tell if it is comfortable without sitting on it. There are different modifications of the model – one with common flat grain wood, and one with high-quality vertical grain wood.

In conclusion I want to say that if you like Vitra sauna design, it is not bad decision, especially if the price is Ok, but due to the possibility of uneven heating I recommend you to try it first. You also need to check all details more thoroughly (heaters, wood type, materials, warranty, dimensions), because of lack of this information on their website. I hope they’ll add more details it in the future.


Vitra sauna website – Vitra sauna page

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