Where to read more about infrared sauna heaters?

If you’re looking through numerous promotional infrared sauna websites in a search of more detailed description of principles behind infrared heating technology, explanation of difference between heater types, guidelines when to choose one or another heater you will probably won’t find any info that goes deep into the subject. Your search will hit the perspective of infrared sauna heaters that infrared sauna companies want to show you. To understand this subject more deeply, you need to look at far infrared sauna heaters from different perspective – how infrared heater manufacturers see it. What they emphasize? What they think is important? What advices they give how to use their heaters? There are usually more than one heater models and types offered. How manufacturers recommend choosing between the models?

I’ve collected some resources from infrared heater manufacturers which helped me to understand infrared heaters more. I share them with you and hope that it will be helpful:

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