You can pick quality IR sauna without reading about its benefits

Quality of an infrared sauna has nothing to do with claims used to promote it. You cannot judge how good the sauna based on statements offered for your information. It only can be an indicator of how aggressively saunas are promoted on a particular website. A perfect reasonable website structure and content don’t guarantee you from buying cheaply designed sauna, and a website full of miracle promises can still sell a quality infrared cabin.

When seller equals manufacturer

When an infrared sauna is sold by the same people who made it, a website can be awkward or poorly presented, but manufacturer can still know his trade well. Infrared saunas maker can be not an expert in medicine and may not know scientific background for infrared sauna benefits. They may just like the feeling of sauna session, may know by themselves that they feel better after. It is logical they tend to believe in claims widespread over the Internet. So they place them on their own website. Does it make their saunas worse?

When site is owned by infrared sauna dealer

Talented people can present any product in an appealing way. This is a question of a dealer’s morale if he will promote a product he knows is not so good, but can make a profit. So this kind of sites can use many means in promoting a product. And still it doesn’t have anything to do with sauna quality.

To speak about quality you should know hard data

Look at other industries. What do you want to know when you’re buying a DVD player? Formats supported, input/output socket types, additional functions supported, like writing a TV show on a hard drive to play it later. All this is a hard data, and you know what any of it means. In addition, each brand has an individual reputation. In infrared sauna industry, which is not so big and well-developed as electronics, things are different. There are little reviews, no strong reputable brands (don’t mix claims of being reputable with really being reputable). There are little characteristics of infrared sauna models, such as heaters type, wood, dimensions, and it is harder to judge between them.

How to tell quality infrared sauna from others?

The only method which is reliable enough is to try and compare yourself. But there is also the good news – infrared sauna models don’t differ much (look at infrared sauna comparison to see it yourself). So you don’t have to search a lot. Try several models with different heaters and wood types, and stick with one you like most. You’re unlikely to find something more appealing. Even if you’ll do, it won’t cover time lost to find it. The final advice is:

Save your time, don’t pay attention to promotion. Keep it simple. Just try and choose.

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