EZe Products made website redesign

EZe Products company recently changed design of its website. The new design looks good and I personally like it more than previous one, and I want to say that previous one was by no means ugly. Change of design was not accompanied with big change in content. The website structure and text is basically the same. I’ve also noticed that link to pdf assembly manual dissapeared from the site. I hope they will put it back (or some equivalent) later, because it gives a better idea to customers that EZe saunas look like.

Infrared sauna model line of EZe Products remains unchanged. The company sells saunas with thin flat carbon heater panels, which have large surface area and low operating temperature. Other companies that make infrared saunas with carbon heaters are Sunlight Saunas and recently appeared saunas with CarbonFlex heaters from Saunatec.

According to a press release, EZe Products recently celebrated 23th anniversary of working in the field of far infrared in USA, but their website is relatively young – it was online only since 2004. It is possible that they were promoting products under different brands earlier. It is still unclear to me, where EZe saunas are manufactured, since they mention that units are “handcrafted with the highest standards in the United States and S. Korea” but do not give percentage of saunas made in each of these countries.

It is good, I guess, that infrared sauna businesses continue to make websites more appealing and professional-looking, but I think it should not be limited to design only – information quality and openness to customers can to be improved too.

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