How to check if your infrared sauna is certified?

Laws require certification of electrical equipment for safety in many countries of the world. UL, CE, ETL, CSA and other marks are on every piece of electrical equipment at our homes. Many people just don’t know that these marks means, to others marks became so common that they even don’t think about checking them then buying a new vacuum cleaner. However, the risk of buying a non-certified unit still exists. And even a certified product can have some twists which make it not as safe as certifying mark guarantees (this applies when unit approved for one country is used in another country, where electric network has different characteristics).

Infrared saunas fall into electrical equipment category, which means they should be certified too in countries where mandatory certification is enforced by law. In countries where certification is not mandatory, consumer can still look for the certification marks on an infrared sauna and base his/her buying decision on whether this mark present or not.

I personally think it is important to ensure that an infrared sauna you are going to buy is certified. The reason is that in infrared sauna market the risk of buying of unsafe sauna unit is higher than, say, the risk of buying unsafe vacuum cleaner. This is because:

  • infrared sauna industry is relatively young and small, there are many recently emerged brands;
  • a lot of infrared sauna rooms are manufactured in Asia and then imported to North America or Europe, they can lack in quality;
  • people trying to make money on a rise of infrared sauna market can lack skill and/or will to make saunas safe.

This warning about unapproved infrared saunas from ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) speaks for itself.

How to make clear if a certain infrared sauna model is certified? First, ask the dealer about certifications a sauna model has. Then check certification reported in one of online databases (see below), or, if there is no online database, ask the dealer for the copy of documents confirming the certification.

In North America, the most widespread certification companies have online databases of certified products:

Unfortunately, I don’t know if a database for CE listed products exists. For countries other than Europe/North America you need to search which marks are recognized for your country. The first step is usually to look on symbols on labels of your electrical equipment. Remember, that if a unit was certified for use in a different country, it does not guarantee that it will work safely with your electric network, because sometimes characteristics of electric networks differ from country to country.

If you already purchased a sauna, and cannot determine if it is certified, stop using it, and call for professional electrician to check it and determine its safety.

When you check for an infrared sauna model certification mark, you not only minimize your own risk, but also help infrared sauna market to become more professional and quality-oriented.

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