Happy Christmas to everyone!

Dear readers of Infrared Sauna Info, Christmas is almost here. I wish you best in the upcoming year, and wish ending this year in happiness and joy with your friends and families. Christmas is time to review the year passed, what you had done, and had not done, what went good and what went wrong. It is also the time to make plans and wishes for the future year, to think and to dream. I encourage you to step back from your busy life for some time, to rest, to enjoy the silence, to feel peace and calmness in yourself, to relax and return to the main values, goals and questions of your life.

This was a special year for me. In December, 2005, this website went live, and its turned one year this month. Through the year, I wrote a number of articles about infrared sauna topic, and covered such things as health effects, benefits, safety, contraindications and alternatives of infrared saunas, tips and thoughts of how to try, search, buy and use well your sauna. Also many sauna brands were reviewed and compared.

If information presented here on this site helped someone of you, my readers, to understand infrared saunas more, or to choose infrared sauna model, or even to decide that infrared sauna is not for you, then its invaluable Christmas gift for me, since it is a kind of gifts that cannot be bought.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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