For those who still looking for infrared sauna studies

Infrared sauna studies generally fall into two categories. One category, are long big lists of studies about numerous benefits of infrared saunas, which all tell that IR saunas have extremely positive effect on a human health. These studies are usually only mentioned and talked about, but no direct references or texts is given. As you understand, I talk about studies in ‘infrared sauna health benefits’ pages on almost every website which sells infrared saunas, directly or indirectly.

Other type is studies which you can dig in medical databases like PubMed. These ones are heavily stuffed with medicine words, and usually do not talk about infrared saunas, but about ‘thermal therapy’ or ‘heat’. An infrared sauna is frequently used in such studies as a mean to generate heat, but titles suggest that the key word here is heat, and not infrared. An additional detail is that such studies are very specific, they done to persons with one specific diagnosis, like ‘patients with chronic heart failure’. And not all of these studies show clear positive effect.

That’s why the recurring theme in my writings is the call to finish spending your time guessing the truth from studies and to go out and try an infrared sauna. Find out how an infrared sauna works for you, for certain. Conduct an experiment – find an infrared sauna in your neighborhood, and go there two-three times a week for a month or two. Note what changes you will notice during these period, regarding your own condition – weight, skin, heart, joints, depression, stress or anything else you want infrared sauna to help you with. What can be more certain than your own study, conducted by you and on you (and funded with your money :))?

If you are still looking for that ‘many Chinese studies’ that have proved benefits of an infrared sauna therapy, then read Health Studies Are Worthless to Those Who Care About Health, an article by Steve Pavlina, which applies well to infrared sauna studies.

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