Soft Heat closes factory in Calgary

As Randy Gomm writes on his website, Soft Heat Saunas has Calgary factory shut down and all operations are being moved to USA. Randy was selling Soft Heat saunas before on his website. On the notice, he writes:

Once the existing stock is gone, it will no longer be possible to purchase a sauna like we have been making.
Even with the factory shutting down, the parent company will be honoring all the warranties for the Soft Heat saunas.

Soft Heat is one of the old manufacturers in infrared sauna industry, making infrared saunas since 1991. As stated on their other website,, they were official suppliers to 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. By the way, the only note of closing a factory I found was on Randy Gomm’s website. Other websites related to Soft Heat look like they weren’t update for a long time. But I found this auction which supports this information. I personally have a feeling of regret that such an old manufacturer had to close his sauna assembly facility.

I don’t know the reasons why this happened, and Randy also doesn’t tell any. Maybe it’s because cheaper models from Asian factories started to make a serious competition to manufacturers in North America. Or this can be just a step of Soft Heat to restructure their business and they will continue to make saunas somewhere else.

Anyway, in his notice Randy writes that he conducted an extensive research to find a replacement for Soft Heat saunas, but for more affordable price. He says that his experience with current sauna market was mainly negative, with many saunas lacking of electrical approval, and with wrong information supplied about materials heaters are made of and micron range of infrared they emit.

Finally Randy found the sauna brand he believes in. New saunas are supposed to become available on early February. By his description, they have full-wall carbon heaters and cost much less that Soft Heat models. He also mentioned CarbonFlow(tm) technology. This trademark is unknown to me, and I wasn’t able to find any information about it. The only product line that has whole wall surface covered by carbon heaters is CarbonFlex saunas by SaunaTec.

It seems like carbon heaters continue to gain popularity. Also, there is a clear trend that infrared saunas are becoming cheaper and more affordable. Competition from Asian markets increases. Let’s hope that this will lead to improved quality of saunas for better price.

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