Infrared sauna review: Physiotherm Home-Fit 2

Today I want to present a strong European infrared sauna brand, Physiotherm. The model which will be covered falls into 2-person models category. Its Home-Fit 2 infrared sauna model:

Wood: Spruce (Austrian).

External dimensions: Width: 49 in/120 cm, Depth: 41.2 in/101cm, Height: 79.1 in/194 cm.

Heaters: 4 ceramic heaters, on each cabin corner.

Outlets: 220 V, 1540 Watts.

Accessories: Portable CD player, aromatherapy, full spectrum sunlight, colour therapy.

Warranty: 8 years on electrics, including heaters.

Price: £3,259.99 (single online shop data, not average price)

Certainly falling into the high-end old-school category, this model is supposedly manufactured in Austria and has quite a high price. However, model is packed with a wide range of features, and looks like a quality product. Also, I found Physioterm website to be one of the most well-structured infrared sauna sites. However, it does not say anything about quality of saunas themselves.

One interesting this is that the heaters placed on the corners of the sauna, instead of traditional backrest/front side scheme. It certainly changes the experience – distribution of heat in such sauna is different. I think, that in a traditional heater placing, there is a risk that back heaters heat more intensively than front heaters, because they are very close to your back. In this sauna, heaters are on approximately equal distance, but the downside is that you will probably have not to lead in the wall to get your back heated.

Avalaibility of different light- and aroma- therapies allow to bring a lot of variety into sauna experience. While the benefits is somewhat questionable, they will help you to not to get bored with sauna sessions.

Link to official model page – Physiotherm Home-Fit 2

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