Infrared sauna wood choice

Wood choice on second place after heater choice is a common thing in an infrared sauna buying process. Are the heaters really so important? Note how promoters place heater qualities above all other traits of saunas offered. Most attention is given to wavelengths of a heater. Claims made about wavelengths are unprovable as they are formulated; every seller tells that only his infrared sauna have heaters that give most “healing”, “vital” and “far” infrared rays. It can even be made into a joke – that essentially all that they are saying is their infrared is the most far of the farerest of all far infrared on the market.

For a moment, move away that emotional hype associated with far infrared. I personally see it only as a mean to deliver heat (supposedly, more effective and comfortable than a stove in a traditional sauna). From that viewpoint it becomes apparent that other things are important in an infrared sauna. These things are placement of heaters, how comfortable and uniform feels the heat they generate. How heaters behave throughout session. These thing are more real than healing traits of specific wavelengths. You can try and feel them. And the most real is the wood your sauna cabin is made of. Unlike heaters, which are hidden with covers and have no smell or texture, and have no biological materials, wood is what you will see, smell and feel while using your sauna.

Imagine, that you choose your sauna based on heater type it have only to discover later that you don’t like how wood smell, or, even worse, that you have allergy on that wood type. If you look from this viewpoint you will see that wood choice is important, and should have its part of your attention. Let’s summarize main aspects of wood choice for infrared sauna, from medical aspects to questions of aesthetics and comfort.

  • Wood as toxic and allergy-inducing substance. Should be first to think on. Good news is that most of us do not have allergy on wood, but if you cannot be sure, consult your doctor. This is also one more reason to try a sauna before buying.
  • Wood smell. Sauna wood comes without paint, and has fresh smell. You can like or dislike it. Pay some attention how a sauna wood smell feels to you when choosing a sauna.
  • Wood patterns and color. Wood have many different patterns and colors. It should be compromise between practical (there will be inevitable stains) and easthetics side (you need to like what you see around when taking a sauna session).
  • How wood feels to touch. This part is not as critical when buying an infrared sauna, as you always can finish your sauna at home with sand cloth, but it will be better to find an infrared sauna that feels good to touch already.

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