Infrared saunas on shows and expos

Visiting local home improvement, builder’s, home & garden shows and expos is a great idea to see and try live infrared sauna models from their manufacturers and ask vendors questions. For example, Sunlight Saunas have a page on their website with list of shows where you can see their products – 2007 Events Calendar.

I think it is a very good idea for vendors and manufacturers to list upcoming events on their sites where they will present infrared sauna models, because it benefits both customers and sellers. It brings more exposure to brands, and gives people information about opportunities to see and test infrared saunas.

So, if you are a vendor reading my blog, you can let me know via contact page about shows your infrared sauna company will participate in and I will cover it on my blog.

If you are a consumer and know any upcoming shows (or how to find any) which will feature infrared saunas, I will be happy to hear from you too. If I will gather enough information, there will be a separate section on this website which will help to locate shows in one’s neighborhood.

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