Infrared sauna review: Eacon 002

Infrared sauna from EaconSauna are manufactured in China and I actually count is as a plus that they are saying it clearly on the website, while many other sauna companies do not like to disclose the origin of their sauna. English language on the website is somewhat awkward, it is apparent that is was written by a persion with Englifh as a second language. I would get a good writer/proofreader if I was on their place. Eacon Saunas say also that their models has passed ETL, CE and ISO 9001:2000 certification (read more about infrared sauna certification).

In the model line of EaconSauna there is a two-person Eacon 002 sauna:

Wood: Hemlock.

External dimensions: Width: 49 in, Depth: 41 in, Height: 77 in.

Heaters: 10 ceramic tube heaters, 4 on back , 2 on front, 1 on door, 1 under the bench and 2 on the roof.

Outlets: 110 V, 15 Amps, 1500 Watts.

Accessories: CD player/radio, ionizer.

Warranty: Lifetime on wood and heaters, electrical components 2 years.

Price: Around $3000.

There are two things in this sauna that makes it unique in some way and why my attention was caught.

First is the number of heaters. There are ten (10) heaters in this two-person model, when industry average is 4-6 heaters. There are heaters on its doorand even on the roof. This doesn’t mean that there will be hotter in this sauna – overall heater power is still in the same range with other 2-person models – 1500 Watt. With more heaters, heater surface temperature is lower and heat distribution should me more even. Theoretically. Surprisingly, in Eacon 002 there are no heater on side walls, which I think is compensated by tilted front heaters, but only first-hand expirience can determine if heat distribution is even.

Second feature is the heater on front door, which can be moved vertically on a metal bar, and tilted to loft or right. This is the only model I know with such heater placement, which you can adjust to your needs.

Fron the other hand, this sauna model appear rather small for me. It has below the average depth dimension. And only when you try it yourself you can tell if features mentioned really give it a advantage over other infrared sauna cabins.

Link to model page on official website – Eacon 002

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