Smell of wood is important for sauna experience

Typical wood in an infrared sauna is not covered with any polish or paint, and it will smell naturally. Different woods have smells of many tones and intensities, from strong-smelling cedar to the mild smell of poplar. A smell thus becomes one more factor in a choice of wood for a sauna. Obviously, no definite recommendations can be given here, because its more the matter of taste than of a logical choice.

In my opinion, a sauna wood smell is a very important thing. In our daily life, we give little attention to smells, spending most of the time in a smell-neutral environment, but in intimate moments, when we relax, meditate or enjoy our meal, the value of a smell rises greatly. The same is with a sauna, be it infrared or traditional one. A smell that is coming from heated wood is more intensive than from polished and/or veneer made furniture. It will enter your world when you will be taking a relaxing infrared sauna session, and it will co-create your overall experience of a sauna.

Your task when shopping for an infrared sauna is to choose the wood which smell will enhance your pleasure. However, there are many other factors which should be taken into account, and a wooden smell is clearly not the most important one. Do not seek for the sauna which smells best, just give attention to a smell, and look for one that is pleasant to you, or at least neutral. Put your head in a sauna, close your eyes and breath slowly. Imagine that you are taking this sauna regularly, and ask yourself is you like the fragrance.

Go for a strong smell only if you like it. If you read my other article about wood allergies and their role in infrared saunas you know that some woods can cause allergic reactions. The general rule is the stronger the smell the more potentially allergic the wood is. Very small amount of people is allergic to wood, but the point is that strong smell have more chances to become annoying even if it was acceptable at first.

Even most neutral woods have smell. If you don’t like (or can’t stand for medical reasons) the smell of your sauna, you can use a fan to ventilate it before a session. Another idea is to leave new sauna open for some time and wait until intensity of smell will decrease.

On the contrary, if you want to return the smell of a fresh new wood, polish it with a sandpaper and the fresh smell will return. There is another thing you can do – bring a piece of a different strong-smelling wood into your sauna, and enjoy the variety of smells.

I wish you to use sauna smell to help you relax and enjoy the time spent in a sauna.

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