Infrared sauna review: CarbonFlex IG-520 by Saunatec

Talking about new infrared sauna brands which use flat carbon sheets as a heating element in their saunas, a new line of infrared saunas, CarbonFlex from Saunatec clearly worths mentioning. I want to remind you, that Saunatec saunas are sold internationally by a group of companies which brand them under their own product names. These brands are Helo, Amerec, McCoy, Polar and Finnleo. I previously covered an older 2-person model from Saunatec, but this new line introduces a flat carbon heater technology.

The model in review – a 2-person CarbonFlex IG-520 D/IG-520 B:

Wood: Hemlock (IG-520 B also comes in red cedar modification).

External dimensions: Width: 48 in, Depth: 40 in, Height: 74 3/4 in (77 in for IG-520 B).

Heaters: Carbon heaters covering all side and back walls, and space under the bench.

Outlets: 120 V, 15 Amps, 1620 Watts.

Accessories: CD/AM/FM player, remote control, speakers, spot lighting, color therapy (IG-520 B only).

Warranty: Lifetime on wood and emitters (emitters are covered only if the sauna is used as a non-commercial product), 5 years for controls and electrical parts, and 1 year for speakers and a player.

Price: Approximately $2000 for IG-520 D.

CarbonFlex saunas are the first ones that I’ve seen that have carbon heater sheets on the whole surface of the wall. Other brands, like Sunlight Saunas, or EZe Products have large carbon heaters too, but they don’t cover the walls completely. In CarbonFlex saunas there is no cold spots on back and side walls. In the same time, they do not have heater on the floor as Sunlight Saunas have. CarbonFlex heaters are imported from Japan. Place of assembly of a sauna itself is not mentioned.

IG-520 B model is positioned as a “premium” model, and is little higher, has color therapy, outside and inside controls (unlike IG-520 D, which has a control panel only inside) and has red cedar wood option. IG-520 D has a latching system for assembly, while IG-520 B uses a buckling system. In all other ways these models look quite similar.

There is no page for these models at the official Saunatec website, so I give a link to one of the distributors – CarbonFlex infrared saunas. You can also find there an assembly guide for both IG-520 D and IG-520 B models.

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2 Responses to “Infrared sauna review: CarbonFlex IG-520 by Saunatec”

  1. huong Says:

    I am looking to buy a far infrared sauna, now I run across a new term, CarbonFlex. Please tell me the different between these kinds. From my understanding, CarbonFlex is new technology, is it better than far infrared?

    Thank you,


  2. Paul Mernon Says:

    CarbonFlex is not a new term, it is a brand under which the new line of Saunatec saunas is being sold. CarbonFlex saunas have flat carbon infrared heaters installed, which also emit (far) infrared.