SaunaGen announces infrared Royal Saunas series

A new line of infrared sauna models for year 2007, Royal Saunas, was recently announced by SaunaGen. Now, when the infrared sauna market sees new models introduced more often than before, when competition is rising, this is an expected move from such brand as SaunaGen.

Here is how SaunaGen official website describe what enhancements new saunas have:

What does separate The Royal Sauna Series from other competitors? The new design of the Royal Sauna provides the end user optimum use of infrared heat from the front, back and lower side, and the angled infrared sauna. The most direct contacts the end user receives from all infrared saunas are from the back heaters. Royal Sauna has now angled its front heaters directly towards the end user.

Front heaters become angled, and it is a good change from my point of view, since a person taking a sauna will get more even exposure to infrared. Other changes are rather cosmetic – a color therapy, an improved design and so on. Heater type is ceramic, the same as in old models. Looks like SaunaGen has decided not to switch to carbon. I’ve also noticed that 1-person model looks like it has no angled heaters – dimensions are too small for that.

In addition to infrared saunas, SaunaGen also offers a spa kit, which contains an eye mask, aromatherapy, a spa robe and a towel, a body massager and a floor mat.

SaunaGen – Royal Saunas Series

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