Infrared sauna wood color and texture

The look of your new FIR sauna cabin can be easily overlooked if you focus on usage details only, like heater type, warm-up time, comfort and so on. But probably you also want an infrared sauna box to fit the interior of your house well. In this case appearance is an important factor and you need to have an idea of how your sauna will look.

First thing you can do is to find the pictures of the model itself. Same model can exist in several modifications which use different wood types. Do not forget about other important aspects of wood such as toxicity and smell.

Looking at sauna pictures is a step in a right direction, but it is not enough. The fact is that many websites use “enhanced” pictures of a sauna, which were made to look good with image processing tools, like Photoshop. Many pictures are made too small to make out the details. So, if you order a sauna based only on digital pictures there can be a big disappointment when a sauna arrives. It may look completely different.

Think if you can find a place where you can see and try models you have selected. It is a best option I think. But if you can’t find a specific infrared sauna model in your neighborhood, you can look at real samples of wood of which it is made. Visit some woodworking and furniture shops and look at wood your future sauna is made of. Also you can try to find sample pictures on the Internet, using picture search on Google, Yahoo or other search engines. There are some specialized resources on the Web as well:

Common Furniture Woods – an article describing furniture woods with samples
Wood Profiles – a big list of wood profiles
WoodSampler – samples of wood from Woodwokers Association
Choosing wood for your furniture – another good article about furniture woods

Choosing wood can become entertaining in itself. Variety of wood colors and patterns is fascinating. I wish you enjoy your sauna not by only sitting in but also by looking at it.

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